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The International Society for Fertility Preservation is founded upon the guiding principles of integrity and diversity of all international societies. Its role is leading and promoting progress in...


The International Society for Fertility Preservation is an international nonprofit organization, wholly independent of government.


The affairs of the society are managed by its Board of Directors.  There is a total of 18 members, five from each continent (America, Europe and Asia). The term of office of each board member is...

Dear ISFP members and friends,

With the upcoming holidays and New Year of 2017, I would like wishing you a joyful holiday season and a New Year of peace, health and happiness.
Last September the board of directors celebrated the 10th Anniversary of ISFP in Tel Aviv, summarizing previous achievements and discussing the future of our society. The clinical progress in our field, the novel research achievements and the large number of high impact publications in the last decade are prominent proof of the excellent hard work that each one of you is doing.

The field of Fertility Preservation engages multidisciplinary fields with the aim to provide solutions for females and males facing conditions that might prevent future reproduction. Among these are general health conditions that are treated with toxic medications, radiotherapy and surgeries, genetic disorders, gynecological and urological diseases and surgeries. This also includes the need to postpone pregnancy due to medical indications, or due to social changes in modern society where women are increasingly delaying family planning. Indeed, in many countries Fertility preservation consultation and treatment has become an integral part of standard good clinical practice. In coming years the society should not only continue basic and clinical research but also tighten our connection with other disciplines in medicine and with the community surrounding us.

Facing future coming challenges we intend to bring new members to the Board of Directors. At this point I would like to thank our former president Dr Pasquale Patrizio for his long standing contribution to the society and for his two years of leadership.

ISFP Internet site:
We are changing and upgrading our internet site with the aim of highlighting Fertility Preservation activities around the world—you are invited to share your meetings, activities or other points of interest. We continue with our Newsletter (the next one will focus on breast cancer), and we have opened a section for New Books Review by Prof. Roger Gosden. You are invited to please send us new books on our field so that we can keep our readers updated on new and interesting publications.

Biannual ISFP meeting
Our 5th Congress will be held in Vienna in 2017 and will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of clinical and up-to-date scientific developments in Fertility Preservation. The society has invited the world's leading experts to share basic research and clinical knowledge. The aims of this meeting are also: To provide a stage for the large number of young physicians and scientists; To spread education and to facilitate Fertility Preservation awareness. There will be a special location for Fertility Preservation centers around the world to present their activities in plaques. Pre-congress courses will focus on clinical education, ovarian tissue cryopreservation and transplantation techniques- Hands On, and fertility sparing endoscopic surgery.

We look forward to welcoming you in Vienna at our 5th Congress. Please mark and save the date: November 16-18, 2017. Hope to see you all there. This event is not to be missed!

Happy holidays,

Professor Dror Meirow
President ISFP